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Congility Mobile delivers the content from your CCMS or content server platform to elegant iOS, Android, Windows and macOS mobile and desktop apps with full offline capability.


Native mobile apps

Today’s users prefer to use their mobile device to access content. Publish your technical content to native mobile apps with distribution via Google Play and App Store.

Offline support

Provide reliable access to your latest content even when your users have a poor internet connection or no connection at all.

Differentiate your product

Improve your brand experience by ensuring your great content is always present and accessible on your customer’s personal device.

No connection, no problem

As your users move between connectivity, poor connectivity and no connectivity they can reliably access your latest content and use their personalisation features (collections/personal books, bookmarks, annotations, etc).

Find content quickly

Full text search and faceted filtering within the app helps your users quickly find the content they are looking for even when they are offline.

Repurpose your existing technical content

Deliver the content within your CCMS or content server to shiny new mobile or desktop apps and connect with your customers in a more innovative way. XML/DITA and many other content formats supported. Multiple CCMSs supported. Congility Content Server and other content server platforms supported.

See how your content is being used

See what content works and what does not through detailed content usage analytics and content ratings within your app. Ensure users acknowledge important information (e.g. safety notices or content updates) and report on those acknowledgements.

Connected content experience

Create a seamless user experience with collections/personal books, bookmarks, annotations and other personalisation features synchronised between your mobile app, desktop app, web portal and other content applications.

Utilize device features

Produce powerful content applications which utilise mobile device features; calendar, contacts, GPS, etc.