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Procedure Guides and Safety Manuals

Ensure your manuals are available in any location on any device, even when offline

Track and report user acknowledgements of important content changes and critical warnings.

Ensure your manuals are always up to date and give users advanced notification and detail of upcoming changes.

User Experience

  • Full offline capability ensures your important information can be read even when your users are not connected.
  • Personalisation features including notes, bookmarks and collections help users quickly find the content they need.
  • Offline/online synchronisation. Any notes, bookmarks and collections your users create while offline are available when they return online and visa versa.
  • Connected user experience. Notes, bookmarks and collections your users create are available on all their devices (e.g. web portal, mobile app, etc).
  • Deliver personalised content . Ensure each of your users only sees content relevant to them.

Managing Content Changes


Automatically highlight content changes and provide an explanation and reason for change.

Advance notice

Automatically provide users with advance notice of important content changes.


Track users as they acknowledge important content changes and report acknowledgements.

Full offline support

Ensure your content is available in remote, locked-down locations, or when your IT systems are down.

Ensure your content is available on any device, whether your users are part of a managed or unmanaged device environment.

Annotations, bookmarks and collections created by your users while offline sync and are available when they return online.