About Congility

Today’s content needs agility

Born outside the box

Congility organises content-related events that are exciting and engaging, yet highly pragmatic and educational.  Managers, team leaders and content and usability professionals have been participating in our events since 2006.

Content has agility when it is meaningful, optimised for business and user goals, reusable, portable and accessible.  Since its inception, Congility has been focused on driving the market forward in the area of strategic use of content across organisational silos. Content strategy is by definition not under the domain of marketing, sales, technical communication or IT. Content strategy takes on challenges as needed to fulfil the overall organisational goals. As a result, Congility events are more diverse than most, and offer something to attendees of various backgrounds.

Congility endeavours to help organisations make right choices for their situation. To this end, it organises and delivers webinars, events, and workshops from some of the industry’s most valued minds.

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Consistently strong feedback on our speakers

Our event speakers are “hand-picked”. Each is personally interviewed and briefed on the Congility vision and the current year’s theme.

New speakers are added to the community every year and have won stellar feedback on every event.  Our most common complaint is that attendees struggle to choose which session to go to because there is no “filler” on our agendas.

The organisers

Mekon and Urbina Consulting are two organisations who have partnered to bring you Congility events. Both are organisations focused on increasing the effectiveness of your content creation, management and delivery across business silos.


Congility (Content Agility) was born in 2006 as X-Pubs (XML Publishing), but almost immediately outgrew this name. X-Pubs was created to take a critical, user-oriented look at the existing business justification for XML projects and processes, and in doing so became a de facto content strategy conference years before the term became widely known.

Congility features similar subjects and the same high quality events as X-Pubs, enhanced by a wider focus on cross-departmental collaboration, multichannel and mobile delivery, and integration and lifecycle issues.

Congility will still continue to address issues such as content management, migration, authoring best practices, standards, and the team and culture issues often under-represented in other content conferences.

What we deliver

Learn about industry best practices and see how other companies have…

  • Turned content and their content processes into a differentiating business asset
  • Implemented unified content strategies across teams and silos
  • Reduced publishing times and costs
  • Managed translation and reduced its costs
  • Increased accuracy delivered more effectively
  • Avoided implementation pitfalls
  • Realised the benefits of:
    • Content Management
    • XML / DITA / S1000D
    • Structured Authoring and Single Sourcing