Congility: Today's content needs agility

Congility 2014 is over!

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About Congility


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Mekon LogoThought leaders in XML and complex content processes, Mekon leverage our expertise and cross-industry client experience to help you turn your content into a business asset.

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Urbina Consulting provide content strategy, consultancy and training for multi- and omnichannel marketing & technical communications projects.



Our events provide relevant and up-to-date information about the latest challenges, trends and developments within the industry.

Topics covered include:

  • Content strategy & content marketing
  • Intelligent and adaptive content
  • Taxonomy
  • DITA
  • Dynamic delivery
  • Social media
  • CCMS
  • Metadata best practices
  • Information architecture
  • Mobile & multiple-channel delivery
  • eLearning and training
  • Localisation
  • And more.


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