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IdXML (InDesign XML) is a DITA Open Toolkit plugin enabling DITA content to be mapped to an arbitrary XML structure and intelligently imported into Adobe InDesign.


Flexible design process

When design and flexibility are required to create an output there is nothing better than getting a designer to do what they do best. IdXML helps designers work with complex DITA content without compromising their creativity.


Once DITA content has been imported into InDesign designers can keep control over the layout of their work. When the source DITA changes, the updates can be reimported into the existing design without having to start from scratch.

Time saving automation

InDesign scripting can be used to automate and ease repetitive formatting tasks. For example, resizing tables and graphics, performing complex designs or automatically inserting a table of contents or index.


Standards based

Uses the DITA Open Toolkit to create a simplified XML document ready to import into InDesign.

Tagging options

XML tags are mapped to design elements in a template. For example, a single piece of metadata can be mapped to a text frame – perhaps an alert or warning. Or an image can mapped to a graphic frame – perhaps a logo or product image. Or maybe it’s the entire document.

Designer required

The designer keeps control over their template. If changes are required the designer can implement them without a developer or the need to modify stylesheets.

Flexible outputs

  • Datasheets
  • Specifications
  • Pharmaceutical package inserts
  • Product user guides
  • Fixed layout ePubs
  • Labels

Powerful scripting

Simplify repetitive tasks. For example, resizing tables and graphics, performing complex designs or automatically inserting a table of contents or index.

Implementation partners

Authorised partners to help designers get started with IdXML. Including training, template preparation for IdXML and script development for process automation. Ariza Content Solutions for North America, InfoParse Inc. for Japan, Mekon Ltd. for Europe


IdXML uses a term licence (i.e. the licence fee is payable each year of use). Technical support and applicable software updates are included during the licence term.


US$ 2,250

Designed for individuals with a single copy of Adobe InDesign. The Open Toolkit plugin can be installed on a server or desktop.


US$ 6,300

Designed for multiple users company-wide, but with only a single server instance of Open Toolkit, possibly part of a CCMS.

Site licence pricing is available by negotiation.

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