Your intelligent content, delivered smarter

Congility Content Server takes your content the extra mile for a truly personalized, seamless customer experience that leverages your DITA content to the maximum


The power of DITA

Experience a fully compliant platform that rapidly delivers content from your favourite CCMS to your end-users. More reusability, more structure, less cost.

Spread intelligence

Enable different types of content to talk to each other and to your clients. Advanced publishing services and metatagging capabilities allow you to search and share content like never before.

Protecting your content

Your content is centralized and there are a variety of hosting solutions at your disposal. Scale your enterprise content easily and wave your content woes goodbye.

Congility Content Server gives you...

One pit-stop for content

Congility Content Server helps you make the most of the DITA XML standard by providing multiple CCMS integrations and delivery options. Increase efficiency by reusing content and publishing it to different devices dynamically, selectively, and timely.

DITA multi-channel publishing

Leverage the power of mass DITA production by streamlining your publishing workflow. Feed content automatically to your multi-device solutions using the most powerful DITA publication manager on the market.

High in the cloud

Select from one of our SaaS subscriptions or have Congility Content Server as an internal system: we enable cost-effective solutions for your hosting needs and have a variety of solutions at your disposal.

Full API available

Out of the box but never out of options. Our customization possibilities give you full power over your DITAweb platform. Build exactly what you need from one of our current solutions or scale your solution using our powerful REST API — we will show you how.

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Publish everywhere

  • Publish content to multiple devices and platforms
    • Documentation portal
    • Web and mobile apps
    • Knowledge base
    • Website

Not just DITA

  • Publish and index both DITA and non DITA content
  • Publish directly from CCMS, SharePoint, Git and other repositories

Powerful search and discover related content

  • Intuitive navigation based on metadata and semantic markup
  • Automatically create and display links to related content
  • Subject scheme support

Personalised user experience

  • Present users with customized landing pages based on information held in other back-office systems.
  • Create personalized collections to curate content and allow users to share their own collections with their workgroups easily.


  • Flexible workflow based collaboration and review
  • Unlimited number of reviewers at no additional cost
  • Approve or reject content, suggest changes and rate content
  • Collate and review feedback
  • Create and share personal collections or publish them via the DITA OT

Easy to configure

  • Configure in-house
  • Complete control over users, user groups, roles and permissions
  • Single Sign On support

Always available

  • Use DITAweb web and mobile apps to store content for offline usage and then synchronize when next online


  • Track how your content is being used
  • Learn how your content could be improved.

Language support

  • Localized interfaces
  • Full language support

Ownership options

  • SaaS
  • On-premise
  • Flexible licensing
  • Start small and grow large