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Congility Content Server takes your content the extra mile for a truly personalised, seamless customer experience that leverages your content to the maximum


The power of DITA

Experience a fully compliant platform that rapidly delivers content from your favourite CCMS to your end-users. More reusability, more structure, less cost.

Spread intelligence

Enable different types of content to talk to each other and to your end-users. Advanced publishing services and metatagging capabilities allow you to search and share content like never before.

Protecting your content

Your content is centralised and there are a variety of hosting solutions at your disposal. Scale your enterprise content easily and wave your content woes goodbye.

congility content server


Integrate multiple formats in your new delivery environment. Congility’s solution can easily process and publish DITA content, non DITA content and legacy files, residing in your CCMS, SharePoint or other repositories, and convert it to flexible output formats.


Use Congility’s management approach to store all your content in one place and reduce your administrative workload. Quickly and easily assign content depending on its subject, status and target group to individual users or user groups. Determine the exact permissions, make documents public and securely restrict internal confidential data.


Enrich your content with metadata to create smart, value-added content that supports intelligent delivery. Smart content with semantic markup leverages performance and supports features like dynamic links and intelligent search. Stay up-to-date and realise the advantages of industry 4.0.


Be independent and provide reliable access to your latest content at any time. Users can access content from Congility Mobile and Congility Desktop offline, including their collections and personal notes. Offline they can still engage with their content and when they go back online, their changes are synchronised to the main Congility Content Server. No connection, no problem.

Rely on a seamless customer experience for multi device solutions. The Congility content environment adapts to the users workspace and delivers content responsively on laptop, phone and tablet devices. All devices are continuously synchronised to ensure users can dynamically combine different devices without interruptions.

Congility offers tailored content delivery environments and configurations through agile development expertise. At the same time, Congility simplifies customisation with a variety of capable solutions at your disposal, to empower you to configure your individual adjustments, without professional services. You get complete control to satisfy unique needs, such as revealing your Corporate Identity and realising localisation requirements.

Congility mobile and Congility Desktop allow users to download content to their devices for offline use. Whilst offline users can still engage with the content. When they go back online their experiences are synchronised back to the main Congility Content Server.


Preview results

Meaningful previews allow users to quickly scan search results and efficiently detect if a document contains the information they are looking for, before having to load the main content.

Use previews to avoid frustration and increase the findability of your content delivery.


Users can save search requests in their content portal to create shortcuts to frequently used content.

They can reload the search in their history and quickly open the same content at a later date.


Congility delivery platforms intelligently suggest search terms based on previous knowledge and available content. Support an intuitive search providing suggestions based on the terminology of your target audience and allow users to discover related content that might be useful for them.

Congility provides the ability to query other back office systems to get information about the best presentation of the most relevant content.

For example, roles, devices or language preferences are used to automatically present content for the right target group in their native language.


Extend the discoverability of your content portal by imbedding your content in a subject scheme that captures your domain with its diversity and affiliations. Users can narrow their search results with faceted search filters and screen content as desired. Additionally to refining search results, filters allow specifically exploring new areas, displaying how much content is available for each topic, and quickly navigating through your delivery platform with ease.

Popup results

Enable users of your content portal to open search results as popups. Users can navigate through the results of their search request and easily manage multiple publications simultaneously in new windows. They can view what content meets their criteria and compare them, without having to return to the main search page.


The Congility Content Server allows users to bookmark content across multiple publications and compose individual content collections for storing information they access frequently. Users can personalise the content through adding annotations, share their content collections with colleagues or create PDF, HTML or ePub outputs. Collection details are synchronised between all content applications.

Use Congility’s collaboration options to work together in a team and maximise your effectiveness through synergy effects. An unlimited number of users can work simultaneously on content to review, rate, approve or reject content and propose changes. Authors can initiate double checks, view review feedback in their authoring environment, and implement input directly.

Enable users to add personal notes like reminders, questions or additions. In this way they can top up their content and create personal versions that can be shared with their workgroups.

Enable users to send feedback about your content so you can quickly correct any errors and improve quality.

Analyse experiences


A wide range of standard reports log data about your delivery performance. Supplement the collected data with custom reports and interpret the feedback to optimise your service and user experience.


Congility’s data mining provides analytics about your portal’s usage. See which content is most popular and track how the content is used. Get an overview and compare results for certain time periods to identify trends in their early stages and reach their full potential.


Any user activity or action can be tracked and subsequently reported. This data can be subsequently used to improve the user experience of your portal, ensuring it engages users for longer.

Extend and develop


According to your needs and the development of your business, Congility adapts and grows with you. Start with a preconfigured version that addresses specific areas and requirements. The modular configuration system combined with customisable solutions enable you to increase your resources as the usage grows. Build a broader solution and extend your portal with new features using the CongilityJS React-based JavaScript framework.


Configure pipelines for your content server to build chains of content-processing related steps that support new formats and outputs delivered to your content applications. For example a publish pipeline can export, publish and index DITA content automatically.


The entire content collection is centralised on the Congility Content Server and the REST API allows new content applications to be easily implemented. Add content applications like the Congility Portal, Congility Mobile or Congility Desktop to your delivery environment as required.


Take advantage of a fully compliant system that blends seamlessly with your existing architecture. Congility’s content solution works alongside your working system and infrastructure to rapidly deliver content from your CCMS, CRM, Web CMS or other systems.