Publish everywhere

Get your updated content out to the world quickly and easily.

Connectors with leading CCMS (Component Content Management Systems) support the instant publishing of content to DITAweb. Meanwhile DITAweb’s architecture and RESTful API allow services to be embedded and branded in virtually any web environment, allowing you to seamlessly deliver content into web and mobile apps, support and knowledge base portals, websites and anything else you might think of.

Not just DITA

Utilise all your data sources.

Not all of your content is in DITA, DITAweb lets you bring non DITA and legacy content into your delivery environment. An example might be PDF documents currently residing within a SharePoint document management portal.

Personalised user experience

Improve your customer’s experience.

The ability to query other back office systems enables DITAweb to get information about users such as equipment/versions owned, language preferences, roles etc. This information can then be used to present Users with the most relevant content on landing pages.

Users can also create collections of bookmarked content across multiple publications. These collections can be shared online with colleagues or published through the OT to create PDF, HTML, ePub outputs.


Help your teams work together effectively.

DITAweb has a flexible workflow based collaboration and review system where users can approve or reject content, suggest changes and rate content. Taking full advantage of CCMS integration, authors can view this feedback in their authoring environment and take immediate action.

There is no limitation on the number of collaborators so you can involve as many people in the review processes without incurring additional costs.

Advanced search and related content

Find content quickly.

DITAweb uses the metadata and semantic markup within your source content to provide flexible search and personalization capabilities.

Support for subject schemes also provides new opportunities for delivering content to end users, who often need to find supplementary information. DITAweb solves this by leveraging metadata and subject schemes to display links alongside whatever topic is being viewed.

Easy to configure

Make changes to the look and feel in-house.

DITAweb has been designed to allow client customization and configuration without the need for Congility professional services (although we can do this for you).

Content always available

Display content when offline.

Use DITAweb Apps to store content for offline usage and then synchronize it when next online. Options include web apps or custom apps built for Windows, Android and Apple IOS devices.


Find out what is being viewed and what isn’t.

Analytics allow you to track what content is most popular and what the user trends are. All interactions are logged and a wide range of standard reports can be supplemented with custom ones.

Language support

Work in any language.

DITAweb’s interface can be easily localized to support other languages. Displayed content can also be in any language. Users can select their preferred language from a drop down or log-in data can be used to automatically present native languages.

Ownership options

Deploy DITAweb to way you want to.

DITAweb has flexible ownership options; fully scalable SaaS or deployed on your own servers. Companies can start with a small deployment and increase resources as usage grows. A number of preconfigured versions of DITAweb are available designed to address specific areas or they can be combined for a broader solution.